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Cancellation of Enrolment & Refund Policy

Cancellation of Enrolment Refund of Fees on Disciplinary Grounds

Students may face formal action including cancellation of enrolment for any of the following:

  • Absence from a course
  • Unsatisfactory course progress
  • Non payment of fees
  • Plagiarism, cheating, or collusion
  • Unauthorised use of SAS copyright material
  • Unauthorised us of SAS equipment
  • Impairing the rights of other students to pursue their studies
  • Harassing or being disrespectful to other students or staff
  • Breaching legislative requirements
  • Conduct likely to damage the reputation of the school
  • Conduct contrary to the good order and discipline of the school

If any of the above events occur, the Principal will be notified and investigate in a reasonable timeframe. The Principal may make any of the following decisions and will inform the student in writing:

  • No action taken against the student
  • Sanction with no further action taken against the student
  • Formal warning
  • Suspension for a period determined by the Principal with no refund of fees
  • Permanent cancellation of enrolment at the School with no refund of fees.

A student may appeal a decision and will have 28 days to initiate a grievance process. 

Cancellation of enrolment will take final effect 28 days after the decision is notified to the student OR after completion of a grievance procedure initiated by the student.

Cancellation of Enrollment & Refund of Fees at Student Request

If a student requests cancellation of enrolment before census date any tuition fees paid will be refunded in full.

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