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Tuition Protection and Course Defaults

General Information on Course Defaults

If the School "defaults" on providing a course or part of a course a student will be offered either;

a. a place in a replacement course


b. a refund of fees paid for the defaulted part of the course

What is a "Default"?

In general, a default can occur when an approved course provider either:

(a) fails to start to provide a course or a part of a course to the student on the day on which the course or part was scheduled to start;


(b) ceases to provide a course or a part of a course to the student on a day that is after the course or part starts but before it is completed.

There are other criteria related to student enrolment status and VSL status.  The details can be found at Section 66B of the VET Student Loans Act 2016.

What happens if I accept an offer of a place in a replacement course offered by SAS.

If you accept an offer to enrol in a replacement course with SAS you will:

a) be granted course credits for parts of the original course successfully completed, as evidenced by a Statement of Attainment issued in accordance with the Australian Qualification Framework; and
b) will not be charged tuition fees for a replacement component of the replacement course.

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